5 Micro-vacations for every day

Eve 04 March, 2017 General

Everyone needs a vacation every now and again.  But given the budget we work with, ours are a little fewer and farther between.  We've certainly taken some, because there's a big world to be seen and a lot of people we love scattered all over that big world.  But hotels and Disney World aren't exactly our style.  


So it's Spring Break at the University I counsel students at.  And we've spent it all at home.  Because most of the time I've found I don't NEED that vacation the way some desperately people crave a break.  Part of that is creating a life that you don't need a break from.  Creating that life means simplifying your big picture stuff, but also ditching the all or nothing attitude that says you're either busy or you're on vacation.  Make it a practice to incorporate micro-vacations into your everyday life.


Because most of us are great parents and people when we're sane


Because we sometimes need micro-vacations we can use anytime for restoring that ever elusive sanity.


So, five daily micro-vacations:

1. Drink it in. Spend 5 minutes in the morning to make a pitcher of something that is natural and nourishing. I love iced green or mint tea with some lemon and honey, but Chinese rose tea is another favorite. You can have a little bowl of lemon wedges in your fridge, or I have a friend who keeps a bag of frozen mixed berries in her freezer and throws two or three in every glass (her favorite is Passion flower tea). Whatever it is, serve it in a pretty glass, sip and savor. It's a treat that treats your body well.



2. Time it. Maybe you can't get 10 minutes to yourself, but you can get 1 minute, 10 times a day. Set your watch or your phone so it beeps at the top of every hour. Take that full minute to recenter and re-engage with the present moment.

3. Take sick days. Ask to be cared for. Get soup and tea and warm blankets and a stack of books and disappear for 24 hours. And don't say you can't. You choose not to. You can choose to ASK FOR HELP and knock out and illness in 24 hours or you can choose to let it linger for 2 weeks  

4. Say no. To the next thing someone asks you. Just because you can. Just because you need the practice. Don't make excuses, don't try to justify it. Just say "No, I'd prefer not to". Then watch as the world DOESN'T come to a screeching halt.



5. Read Children's Literature.  I know I've posted this before, but it's just that important.  The Chronicles of Narnia, The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland or anything by Edith Nesbit. Beauty, fantasy and adventure...taking a journey to another world, all without having to think too hard.

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