FIND wonder peace you happy AGAIN

Because it really is that simple

Personal and Parenting Coaching that gets back to what we really need

Parent Coaching

Maybe you're repeating the mistakes your parents made (you know, the ones you swore you never would). Maybe parenting is starting to feel like it's all battles and negativity.
Maybe some days you're fine, and other days you want someone to tell you if this is normal, because it just doesn't look like you thought it would...

Cooperative Coparenting

You can’t take time for yourself without feeling guilty. You wish your partner was more connected with your kids or spent more time with them. Your partner feels like they can never parent quite the way you want them to...

Home Efficiency

You're tired and overwhelmed, no matter how much you try to "balance" things. You're late to appointments and constantly losing your car keys. You're putting off having the peaceful, ordered life you want, "just until (fill in the blank) is over." You just don't know what to say "yes" or "no" to anymore because it all feels like too much...

Personal Coaching

You might know what you need, and it's time for goals you've been putting off for too long. Or you have no idea what you need but life feels like nothing but guilt and not good enough, and you know there has to be more. Maybe life transitions have caught you off guard-graduation, empty nest, divorce, career change, and you need some direction...

About Eve

I am at most times a coach, mentor and counselor, at some times a harpist and horse trainer, and at all times a wife, friend and mother. I have dangled at the end of many ropes, been rescued and been a rescuer, and am a self-proclaimed expert in hope, hard choices and making the most of the mundane. I’ve gone from living in small town Midwestern America to urban Southeast Asia and back with my husband and five children and we’re looking forward to the rest of our lives’ adventures.

I have a Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology with an additional specialization in child and adolescent counseling, including training in infant, child and adolescent development, child behavior disorders, behavior modification and play therapy. I have been practicing as a Board Certified LIfe Coach in the US and abroad, working with children, adolescents, families and schools. My children also cry and whine and poop their pants on a regular basis. So I know what I’m talking about.

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